Pixel 8 Pro: iPhone 15 Pro’s Worst Nightmare

Pixel 8 Pro: iPhone 15 Pro’s Worst Nightmare

Pixel 8 pro vs iphone 15 pro

Google has launched its Pixel 8 promotional campaign, and in one of its video promotions, it playfully mocks the iPhone 15 Pro.

In the video, which they promote with the hashtag #BestPhonesForever and title ‘Scary Story,’ Google illustrates a conversation between the iPhone 15 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro as they enjoy a campfire.

In this conversation, the iPhone 15 Pro expresses its fear of the arrival of the Pixel 8 Pro, believing that it will be more popular. According to the iPhone 15 Pro, it only has a new mute button, a “dynamic-er island,” and a new charging port. In contrast, it views the Pixel 8 Pro as more innovative, equipped with the best artificial intelligence. The iPhone 15 Pro is concerned that people will talk more about the features of the Pixel 8, including its more attractive design.

More Famous than iPhones

However, in reality, it’s hard to imagine Pixel devices becoming more famous than iPhones, given that Pixel availability is limited to specific countries, unlike iPhones, which have a wider presence, as reported by GSM Arena.

In earlier leaks, the Pixel 8 was said to have more AI capabilities. One of these features is the Magic Editor, which Google claims will be available on certain Pixel devices. This feature is an enhancement of the existing Magic Eraser found on Pixel phones.

With Magic Editor, users can easily manipulate photos. In demonstrations, Magic Editor can merge three separate photos, each featuring different individuals, into a single image where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera.

Google also showcased how Magic Editor can move subjects within a photo, remove objects from the background, and change the daytime sky’s color to evening, thereby altering the overall color theme of the photo.

A Playful Take on the iPhone-Pixel Rivalry

Google’s marketing campaign with the playful iPhone vs. Pixel narrative is part of the ongoing rivalry between the two tech giants. While the Pixel series has gained a following for its camera prowess and AI features, the iPhone continues to maintain its strong market presence and brand loyalty.

Despite Google’s efforts to position the Pixel 8 as a formidable competitor to the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple’s device still enjoys broad international availability, while Pixel devices are limited in distribution. This limits the Pixel’s ability to challenge the iPhone’s popularity on a global scale.

The Promise of Enhanced AI with Pixel 8

One of the key highlights of the upcoming Pixel 8 series is the advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Google aims to further differentiate the Pixel line by enhancing AI-driven features.

The Magic Editor feature, as demonstrated, showcases the Pixel 8’s ability to seamlessly manipulate and enhance photos using AI. This includes tasks such as subject relocation, object removal, and changing the ambiance of photos, demonstrating the Pixel 8’s potential to cater to photography enthusiasts.


Google has launched its Pixel 8 promotional campaign, pitting the Pixel 8 Pro against the iPhone 15 Pro, underscoring the ongoing rivalry between the two tech giants. While the Pixel series continues to impress with its AI capabilities and camera features, it faces the challenge of expanding its market presence to compete with the globally popular iPhone.

The upcoming Pixel 8 series, with its enhanced AI features like Magic Editor, seeks to set itself apart, catering to users who prioritize advanced photography and image editing capabilities in their smartphones. However, the iPhone’s established user base and international availability remain formidable hurdles for the Pixel’s quest for smartphone supremacy.