Exploring Google Lesser-Known Hidden Features

Exploring Google Lesser-Known Hidden Features

Exploring Google

Google, the world’s most widely used search engine, offers users access to hidden features when specific keywords are entered into its search bar. These features are not widely known to the public, and Google has not officially published these special keywords.

Users can unlock numerous hidden features provided by Google by entering these keywords. These features can be tried on both desktop and mobile devices.

Exploring Google

Fidget Spinner

You can play with a virtual spinner by typing “Spinner” or “Fidget Spinner.” This feature is ideal for passing the time during study or work breaks. Additionally, it can be used to make random selections based on numbers, making it a helpful tool for group tasks.

Google in 1998

You can access the early version of Google’s search engine by entering the special keyword “Google in 1998.” This beta version of Google works just like the modern search engine, offering a nostalgic experience for those who have followed Google’s journey from its inception.

Flip a Coin

Similar to the Fidget Spinner feature, entering “Flip a Coin” displays an image of a two-sided coin that you can virtually flip. It’s a useful tool for making decisions or choices within a group, serving as a virtual coin toss.

Do A Barrel Roll

Entering the special keyword “Do A Barrel Roll” causes Google’s search engine on your device to rotate 360 degrees. This feature is perfect for pulling a playful prank on friends or family members who are using a desktop search engine.

Snake Game

For those seeking a simple game to pass the time during daily computer activities, the Snake Game is the solution. By typing “Snake Game” into Google’s search bar, you can enjoy the classic snake game.

Google Logo History

By entering the special keyword “Google Logo History,” you can see the evolution of Google’s logo from its inception to the present day. Google has gone through a total of seven logo changes over the years.

Blink HTML

Typing this keyword will make the Google page on your device continuously flash. It’s a fun feature for pranking your friends, making it look like your Google page is under a cyberattack.

Breathing Exercise

For users in need of relaxation exercises during busy work hours in front of a computer, the keyword “Breathing Exercise” can guide you through a breathing exercise to help achieve a state of relaxation.

Earth Day Quiz

The “Earth Day Quiz” keyword offers a quiz that provides users with a character based on their answers. By answering the quiz questions, you will be associated with a particular animal character.

Pac Man

For those who grew up in the 90s, Pac Man is a familiar game. Originally featured in various consoles and early-generation mobile phones, entering “Pac Man” in Google’s search bar lets you play Pac Man directly.

These hidden Google features offer a playful and entertaining experience for users while showcasing Google’s creativity and sense of fun. Try them out and discover the fun side of Google’s search engine!