Azure Cache in ASP.NET Core 2.0


How to use Azure Redis cache in ASP.NET Core.


Create a class library and add NuGet packages:

  • StackExchange.Redis
  • Newtonsoft.Json

Add a class to encapsulate settings:

Add a class for cache storage. Add a constructor and private methods to initialise the Azure client:

Now methods to access the cache:

Inject and use the class:

In ASP.NET Core Web Application, configure services:


The sample code will require you to setup Azure account and Redis cache. Instructions for these could be found at:

Source Code



    1. Thanks, glad it helped. There is a KeyExpire() method on IDatabase where you can set the expiry of a key. Feel free to fork my GitHub repo, make the change to extend with this functionality and send me a pull request 🙂

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